Friday, April 26, 2013

Around the Neighborhood- Bang Bang Pie Shop

(peep their adorable video below!)

So, basically anybody who knows where I live knows how much 
I am in love with it.

I talk it up like it is my over-achieving 5th grade son. 
I'd totally get an annoying bumper sticker about it if I could. 
Endless amounts of child-like love and excitement over here. 

Since Logan Square and I are still in the honeymoon phase, I thought
I'd take advantage of it and share some of my neighborhood food explorations.

The husband and wife owned pie shop Bang Bang Pies specializes in 
things that i'd trade my first born child for.

Biscuits. House-roasted coffee. PIE. 

At a place where "coffee is the new cupcake and pie is the new pie"
you are bound to have the best experience of your life.

I am a firm believer that it is always 
in your best interest to trust any restaurant with 
less than 5 items on its menu. 

My intuition was correct. Holy biscuits. 

Cuter than words should ever be able to describe, 
packed with soul, 
and some of the best
biscuits and pie i've had in my life. 

PS. If you have over 500 followers on instagram, you get a free biscuit.  
I will never be popular enough for free biscuits, but you might be! 
If you are, head on over and collect your biscuit popularity trophy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chorizo & Potato Hand Pies

The second it reaches a palatable 50 degrees,
 I barter away my tights and boots for shorts and skirts and jelly shoes
and never look back. 

It may be 50 degrees with the overcast skies stashing the sun behind
big breaths of wind and rain, I care not. 

It counts. 

The warmer months are always an amazing time for me. 
I'm like a weird round-faced Swede butterfly wrapped in a metaphorical
cocoon all year until the ground defrosts and green things start happening again. 

It's had me taking the long way home, daydreaming of summer and all
that it's going to bring.

I've been enjoying morning walks- exploring my new neighborhood,
people watching, and letting excitement for the
 months to come tickle in my guts.

So here's to you, rusty mailboxes and uneven sidewalks. 
To the dog tied up outside the bake shop waiting for his human
and lady in the striped shirt hugging her warm baguette to her chest as she bikes away.
To the old brick appartments, the sultry smell of coffee and toast, 
the tiny gardens popping up between the streets, and the gentle rustling of a
neighborhood waking up. 

We have months of mornings together ahead of us. 
I can tell that we are going to be friends.

These chorizo & potato hand pies are perfect company on morning strolls.
They are neat little pouches of meat and vegetables that take kindly to being
wrapped in napkins and stuffed in pockets to be whisked away
on morning adventures. 

This is a play on the traditional pasty, 
which are pie doughs stuffed with meat, potatoes and onions.
This is precisely that, but with a little more spunk than ground beef and russets.
Instead of being a hunk of beige stuffed with beige, these
hand pies are full of flavor and color and all kinds of latina spunk, naturally. 

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen
Until the next!