Sunday, October 27, 2013

Citrus Sage Mimosas

This weekend brought my 22nd birthday. 

When you turn 21, you expect your belly button to morph into 
a shot glass indefinitely,
 all of your clothes to turn into
 state school memorabilia and mini skirts, 
and to somehow develop a slight new jersey accent, maybe. 

Well, now that 21 has come to a close, I can
say that the reality of it is that
you still drink out of cups, 
your accent is still vaguely Minnesotan, 
and you mostly just work and go to school 
all of the time. 

So what does 22 promise? 
Taylor Swift says that I'm going to be lonely in the "best way"
and dance, and feel 
and be miserable,
yet somehow magical. 

If that doesn't sound promising, 
I sure as hell don't know what does!

So until the promised magical misery and hipster clothing of 
being 22 rolls around, I'm going to
wrap myself in classy things and cling to my friends. 

Inspired by my birthday outing to the Violet Hour,
this mimosa-meets-cocktail teeters between savory and sweet
and pairs unusual flavors in a way that makes them
seem less unusual and more so just pink and 
bubbly and delicious.  

Since your next years prospects are looking arguably
unfortunate, you're gonna need to find some
room in your schedule for some keister shakin'.

These are the dancing-est songs of all time.
Get to groovin' folks. 


Until the next, dears. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lemon Mascarpone French Toast

This week's post is brought to you by 
This past week has had its handsomely shitty moments.

Yesterday's makeup made several encore appearances. 
It was a beer-in-the-lunch-ice-cream
kind of week. 

People are the worst!
You know what's not people?
French toast. 

There is a way to hold a baby that will almost immediately
 silence their cries, 
hide their worries, 
and put them to sleep. 

This French toast is kind of like the food equivalent of that. 
It's like a really big consoling hug with no awkward back pats
that relates to your struggles and knows all the lyrics
to that one Jewel song.

Challah bread is like a big soft pillow for your mouth, when it 
has said lots of downer words 
and could use a nap.

Here is a tiny playlist that serves as an exercise in angst control.
Let it help you regain your endearing whimsy.

Until the next, kittens.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chai Spiked Cider

Some Saturdays there is a criminal amount of buttery
sunlight coming at you from all over the place
and an un-ignorable amount of 
rum and chai tea in your cupboard. 

Some Saturdays, you hide your half-finished dog food 
campaign and stack full of midterm briefs under a 
catrtoonishly large rock in your mind
and embrace the catchphrase 
"Sounds like a problem for future Hattie!"

Because, really who can bear to sink into 
assignments when there are pillows in the world that are 
waiting to be squished against my cheek 
and boozy cider filled walks down the boulevard to be had? 

The only thing that can make apple cider better is booze.
The only booze worthy of apple cider is 
booze that honors not just any, but all of the spices
that warm our autumn souls 
and make our hearts grow 3 sizes.

Spiced rum? Well played with the name, brother. You're in.

Vodka wearing a chai tea costume? Resourceful. You're in, too. 

Honey? You're not booze, honey. But you do tend to bring the party. You may join.

Raise your mugs and rest your sleepy faces.
This is what fall is all about, after all.

Until the next, dears.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roasted Vegetable Tart

These weeks have been passing by
 with alarming speed. 

I feel as if my life is turing into a low budget western film
where I am walking in front of a
rotating backdrop that changes between 
day and night painted sceneries every few seconds
to show the passing of days.

So sometimes, you need to pinch your Sunday real hard
until it winces and grunts and 
reluctantly spits out a few hours of time for you. 
Preferably in the company of some
late afternoon sun and puff pastry.

Take yourself on a walking and eating date.
Because those are two things that you excel at 
and your stunning performance is likely to send your self esteem 
sky rocketing. 

Forget bathing in the dead sea or doing yoga, children.
Cheese is the ultimate stress reliever. 
I am pretty sure I just proved that. 

Until the next, loves.