Saturday, August 24, 2013

Logan Square Farmers Market

I've been on a bit of a culinary hiatus.

50% due to the fact that we currently do not have a functioning oven/stove

10% due to the daily grind

30% due to the fact that I just downloaded 
The Sims and have abandoned all other activities indefinitely. 

and 10% due to Doritos. 

Okay, actually mostly the Doritos part. You get it. 
They are the Jay Z of corn chip products. 
Watch the throne, Doritos. 

So instead of my confections and such, 
let's talk about other people doing cool stuff. 

I'm glad you're cool with it. 

The Logan Square farmers market.


It isn't just your run of the mill "we got peaches! we got some beans over here!"
kind of farmers market. 

There are all kinds of funky vendors with interesting displays.

From fantastic local summer sausages hanging from
 an old-door-turned-sausage-holder
To snow cones boasting flavors like 
"Blueberry Lavender" and "Rhubarb & Pink Peppercorn" 
being churned from an old fashioned manual ice shaver.

There is nothing not to love.

The place is flooded with families and dogs .

There are sacks dangling by ankles with produce 
and fresh flowers overflowing out the top
and picnicers and 

Go. Just go. 

Until the next, dears.