Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New York City


New Yawk.
I heard that it was a concrete jungle that dreams are made of.

If your dreams are as lofty as seeing the naked singing cowboy
or peeing in the stall next to Alicia Keys,
then that isn't true. 

However, if your dreams are eating pizza 3 times a day
and passing a million cello players on your way
to everything, then it's true.
New York City is made of those dreams.

Since this city fulfilled a solid 50% of my dreams,
I am left with a sunny enough disposition to share with you
my favorite parts of it. 

1. Smorgasburg

Smorgasburg is a "Food Flea Market" located in Brooklyn. 
It posts up in two different locations each Saturday and Sunday to overwhelm
locals with tremendous amounts of delicious food.

Highlights -A Jon Bon Jovi themed Anchovy stand.
-A Rueben sandwich in dumpling form.
- Bacon cut as thick as a thesaurus and grilled with an amazing sweet glaze.
- Indain. Food. Tacos. 

2. The Highline Aerial Park

The Highline is an old elevated train track turned into a long stretch of park. 
The old tracks are over run with tulips, flowering trees and shrubs
and the mile long stretch of walkway is scattered with 
musicians, smiling babies eating popsicles, and beautiful arial views of the city.

3. The Met Roof

While we completely dropped the ball and forgot to buy yogurt
to eat on the Met steps like in Gossip Girl, 
we did remember to take a peak at the rooftop garden.
It was one of my first sights of the New York skyline, and being up
there as the sun was sinking, drinking an over-priced beer with a bunch 
of yuppies from all over the world 
was pretty spectacular. 

4. Pizza

Pizza was everywhere. All day. Forever. 

And everything else. That was my favorite part too. 

And for your listening pleasure, here is a playlist of adventure-y
happy songs that remind me of the trip. 

Until the next, babes.


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