Monday, June 30, 2014

Boozy Frozen Watermelon

There are occasions that call for your feelings to be eaten. 
Such as when it's your day off and there are too many 
people logged in to your Netflix
account and it won't let you watch.

There are also occasions where you need to soak
your feelings in booze and then eat them.
Such as when the cashier at the grocery store tells you that
you're never going to get a husband if your grocery habits
 entail only buying tequila and watermelon.

Would you believe that this is the second time I've been told I'm never going
to get a husband for something that i've done at that grocery store?
Second time.

Whether you're in the business of eating feelings
 or trying to earn your "most creative use of alcohol" sorority girl merit badge,
 these are easy and delightful.
All you gotta do is soak the watermelon for 30 minutes and freeze overnight.

Once frozen, dip the ends in salt or sugar and have at it.
And *bonus!* You can chop it up and blend it
with the extra tequila and it makes 
a splendid watermelon slushie.
Look at that! Double merit badges.

Until the next my dears. 
Keep cool out there.

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