Monday, February 23, 2015

Hanging Succulent Planters


You give them all the love and care that you can
remember to give them.

But sometimes your green thumb isn't feeling super green
and "I watered it yesterday, I think" 
might actually mean
"It is possible that I may have watered this plant at some point."

You're a houseplant assassin. 

It's okay.

There are succulents.

Succulents are pretty impossible to kill.
Unless, you know, you step on them with cleats or only water them 
with well tequila. 

But you wouldn't do that because you're a great
semi-commited plant mother.
And now you can have the joy of live plants in your home
with these hanging succulent planters!


Clear bulbs- I used these 
(but i've also seen them made with plastic fishbowls and eye hooks)

Succulents- 1-2 per planter
(Smaller sizes are better, the larger ones don't fit through the opening as easily.)

Small rocks- For water drainage
You can get these in bags at the craft store (or outside, like a pioneer.)

Potting soil- Because plants.

Yarn, twine or string- for hanging


-Place a small handful of rocks at the bottom of the bulb.
These rocks will help keep the plants roots from sitting
in too much water when you remember to water these plants.

-Cover the rocks with a thin layer of soil.
 You will add more once you've positioned the plant in the bulb.

-Break up the soil and the roots at the base of your succulent plant.

-Place the succulent in the glass bulb and cover the roots with soil
so that it's firmly planted.

-Thread your string or twine through the hole at the top
and hang your new, live, plant wherever you want!
(as long as that place has a good amount of sunlight.)

Plant away, folks!
Until the next!

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