Friday, February 22, 2013

Citrus & Roasted Beet Salad

Oh, there is snow outside?
Barrack Obama is still president?
Birthday cake Oreos are a thing now?

I wouldn't know. 
My eyeballs have been covered in a thick mask of books,
camera viewfinders, terrible zeroxed copies of antique articles 
and mild distaste for my life choices
 for a while now. 

Train rides have turned into a balancing act
of warding off creepy men with one arm and curling a book in the other,
alternating shooting glares of disgust in one direction
and wide learning eyes in the other. 
(I'd advise you not to get your directions confused. That ends poorly.)

While 18 credit hours doesn't quite taste like victory yet,
this salad sure does. 

Hearty roasted beets layered with tangy slices of blood orange
 rest atop a bed of crispy greens,
drizzled with a sweet honey shallot vinaigrette.

Yes, beets I say! 
No, not the putrid pickled things that you hexed as a child
at the dinner buffet salad bar. 
Those things are like these beets drunkard uncle. 
Hardly even related. 
Or at least that's what they tell people in public. 

This beat and citrus salad is as light, sweet, and refreshing as your day should be, 
even if it is not.

Pairs wonderfully with an afternoon of reviewing German History notes.

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