Monday, September 9, 2013

Stuffed Figs

I'm gonna say the school year is in full swing.
That's gonna mean that I've gone to classes for 2 days now.

I'm already neck deep in annual market reports and
tear-outs of magazine ads.

I have more internet tabs open than members at a Gatsby party. 

...and I'm loving it. 

But a life of intellect cannot be supported by stale Chex Mix and 
sleepless nights of Adventure Time marathons.

We gotta fire up the intellectual lifestyle furnace right quick. 

Glasses. We are gonna wear glasses. 
We are gonna complete the New York Times crossword puzzle. 
Tea? Of course.

Figs. Cheese plates. Cured meats that aren't bacon. 
All present. 

Snatch up some beautiful Black Mission figs that have managed to escape 
being stuffed into Newton cookies.

Honor their victorious escape by slicing them in half 
and stuffing them with a mixture of
chopped fresh thyme leaves, honey, coarsely cracked black pepper
and goat cheese. 

Roll those decorated refugees in chopped pistachios. 
Let balsamic vinegar rain over them. 

Wrap them in prosciutto, squish them into a tasty hunk of bread.
Do as you please. 

You're fancy. You can't go wrong.  

To carry you through your thoughtful chin scratching and eyebrow arching,
here is a list of classic jams and my most favorite
pseudo-classy song selections. 

Until the next, chiclets. 


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