Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roasted Vegetable Tart

These weeks have been passing by
 with alarming speed. 

I feel as if my life is turing into a low budget western film
where I am walking in front of a
rotating backdrop that changes between 
day and night painted sceneries every few seconds
to show the passing of days.

So sometimes, you need to pinch your Sunday real hard
until it winces and grunts and 
reluctantly spits out a few hours of time for you. 
Preferably in the company of some
late afternoon sun and puff pastry.

Take yourself on a walking and eating date.
Because those are two things that you excel at 
and your stunning performance is likely to send your self esteem 
sky rocketing. 

Forget bathing in the dead sea or doing yoga, children.
Cheese is the ultimate stress reliever. 
I am pretty sure I just proved that. 

Until the next, loves.


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