Monday, January 12, 2015


Working with yeast has always been a difficult thing for me.
It usually starts with a lot of confidence and anticipation and ends 
 with me swearing at a lot of sad, unrisen dough in the garbage.

So needless to say, it is a very satisfying feeling when it comes out right.
Like the kind of satisfying that you feel when your mom calls and you can report that
none of the plants that she gave you are dead.

It's something that you're pretty sure you're going to fail at,
and then when you miraculously succeed somehow,
you feel both confused and very proud of yourself.

It's a complicated emotion, but us folk that are fumbling our way through
everyday life will take all the high notes that we can get.

As you can see by the puffy and delightful state of the sopapillas pictured, 
this was a successful yeast endeavor. 

AND my mom called to see if the plants were still alive.
And they were. 

I'm nailing life right now. 

Sopapillas are a type of fried dough, popular in South America.
They are kind of like a donut, but less sweet and with a lighter, airier dough.
They are amazing because they are dessert. 
If you don't like dessert, we have an issue.

I went with mitten shapes for mine because it is DAMN COLD outside
and nothing sounded cozier than eating a warm fluffy pair of mittens,
but any shape you fancy will work.

Since i'm no yeasted dough expert, I followed this recipe from one of
my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.
If you don't read their blog, you're doing it wrong.

Until the next, dears!

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