Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chia Seed Juice Drink

So, you read the title of this post.
Don't hang up on me.

This isn't a I-actually-know-what-pilates-is-I'm-on-a-juice-cleanse
kind of juice.

It's a I-want-people-to-think-I'm-healthy-and-also-feel-like-i'm-drinking-jello
kind of juice.

I'm definitely not the most health-conscious eater in the land, but hey!

I live in a world where you can't just be hot.
You have to be SO hot that you make a dragon want to retire.

I walk a pretty fine line between
"you look like that girl from the hunger games"
"you look like the chubby-cheeked little sister from Shameless"
and, y'know, maybe I'd like to stay on one side of that line.

I need all the help I can get!

Thankfully this protein/fiber/antioxidant/magic packed thing

I drink so many of these beautiful things that my cashier Ron
at Trader Joe's jokes
"Didn't you just buy 5 bags of these? What are you doing, drinkin' em?"

Yes, Ron. Yes I am.

I fell in love with this stuff when I was making my
 free sample rounds at a Whole Foods in college.
It had a weird jelly texture and sort of looked like it had bugs floating in it,
but it was delicious and I was hooked.

Brands like Synergy and Mama Chia make great pre-made options,
but tend to run on the $$$$ side.
SO I learned to make them myself and it was all too easy.
It's as simple as allowing a few tablespoons of chia seeds to soak in water or tea,
and then stirring a bit of juice into the mixture.

These things are awesome for breakfast or a snack 
or when you want to drink the entire jug of juice 
and need something to stop you from doing that. 

Here's the recipe that I use! 
You can sub out the tea for your tea of choice (or water!) 
and any juice will work (although orange juice isn't my favorite for this.)


1c. white peach tea
3 tbsp. chia seeds
1c. mixed berry juice


-Brew the tea and allow it to cool slightly. 

-Stir in the chia seeds and continue to stir the mixture until the seeds start to soak up the tea. (This will keep it from being clumpy.)

-Once the mixture is super thick, stir in the juice.

You can also make a big batch of the chia/tea mixture to keep in the fridge! 
It keeps for about a week and makes the process much faster
for when you get obsessed with making these and feel the need to drink
3 every day.

You will have all of the fiber. More fiber than anyone.

Until the next, dears!

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