Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blackberry, Goat Cheese, Honeycomb Spread

honeycomb blackberry goat cheese spread from Hattie Kotz on Vimeo.

Happy December! 
Here in the midwest, the arrival of said month usual brings an end to the 
ever-adored "Sweater Season" and greets us with a pandoras box of unpredictable weather to 
carry us through the holiday season. 

But alas, today is a cloudy and calm 55 degrees- weather built for snuggling under things
that are bigger and softer than you are (i.e clouds, blankets, greedy house cats, animal pelts, piles of kleenex tissues..
you can get creative here.)

Today is a weather for stories, sighs, movies and tea. 
and with drink must come snack. 
It's been proven. Science. 

This blackberry-goat cheese-honeycomb spread is simple to make, but far from simple in flavor.
The tangy, creamy goat cheese melds with the acidic and fresh berries and the thick and sweet honeycomb to create a tea snack fit for a conquerer of lazy day activities. 


8 oz. honeycomb
  (available at farmers markets and health food stores in the honey + jam section)

3/4 c. blackberries
slightly mashed

1 tbsp. lemon juice
light squeeze of half a lemon

4 oz. goat cheese/chevre

sprinkle of white sugar

and lastly, a tiny playlist for a tiny recipe.
The length of this playlist will take you from ingredient gathering to first bite.


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