Sunday, December 9, 2012

Red Velvet Cake Hot Cocoa

The city is being showered. 
Not with delicate tufts of snow, but rather
with hoards of christmas lights, displays of coniferous plants, 
and Michael Buble. 
He's everywhere. 
Send help.  

(I'm a bit of a scrooge in that department. 
Christmas music makes my ears so sad. 
Only enjoyed when sedated with copious
 amounts of hot chocolate and/or holiday cheer.)

None the less, the universe seems to be making its best attempts at
 instilling that holiday spirit in us.
And certainly, after last night's trip to the outdoor Christmas market, 
we are whole-heartedly in it.

While it isn't quite the most traditional of holiday flavors, 
this Red Velvet Cake Hot Cocoa is indeed both red and hot-chocolate oriented,
 and thus I believe it to be a perfect holiday drink. 
It combines the tanginess and sweetness of cream cheese frosting with the comforting
warmth of thick hot chocolate with marshmallows to mimic the taste of 
the lovely Red Velvet Cake we all know and love.

So stomp the snow from your boots, roast those chestnuts, 
take your nose back from Jack Frost, and drink up!

melt together

1/2 c. cream cheese

1/4 c. marshmallows

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 tbsp. powdered sugar

1/3 c. dark chocolate chips. 

whisk in

2 1/2 c. milk

4 drops red food coloring

whisk until completely combined 
and brought to desired temperature.

*it helps to add the milk little by little through 
the melting process. 
Keeps things from getting lumpy!

*This is a pretty decadent recipe! If it is too much for your taste,
just add a bit more milk!

For a festive holiday recipe, I thought it only
 fitting to comprise a festive holiday playlist. 
I took the liberty of compiling a playlist of Christmas songs
 that are indeed not terrible
(Including but not limited to NSYNC. You love it.)
The length of this playlist will take you from the lighting of the burner to 
the first sip. 


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