Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Young Pilot

The Young Pilot from Hattie Kotz on Vimeo.

Alright chickys, the holidays are just about over,
with the exception of one of my favorites.
 The sparkli-est, dazzli-est, most
day of the whole entire calendar year. 

The occasion I speak of, my friends
is the great New Years Eve. 
A holiday of wearing shimmery silky little numbers in spite of the sub-zero temperatures 
of the mid-west in late December. 
A holiday for friends, fools, toasts, and resolutions to be embraced or forgotten.
A holiday for booze.
Yes. The new year loves booze. 

So in the honor of Booze Years Eve, I have visited the 
restaurant that raised me as a young cook, Players on Madison,
for a holiday cocktail special. 

Resident bartender Lee Sackett shares his original concoction "The Young Pilot"
It's a bit of a play on the classic Hot Toddy, but with some different flavors in play.
Let it be known, this drink is quite strong. Bourbon is a lovable monster. Some dare to tackle it un-armed, but this recipe knows just how to tame it. Just enough to be lovable. 
The mellow black tea rhymes well with the 
woodsy flavor of the bourbon, and the honey adds just a kiss of sweetness and thickness
 without taking away from the strong flavor of the Bourbon. 
The bitters adds a lovely bit of color and a wonderful aromatic quality that 
makes it a great comfort drink that can 
a) cure a cold up pioneer-style 
Or b) be your faithful companion through any night life activity. 

2 oz. Black Tea
(we used Darjeeling)
1 smidgen of honey
(wildflower honey will add some fruitiness)
1 splash of Bitters 
(we used Angostura)
2 shots of Bourbon
(we used Bulliet)

Steep 1 bag of black darjeeling tea in about 2.5 oz. of hot water (a little extra water is needed because some is absorbed in the tea bag.)
Let cool for a moment, then poor over ice, along with the honey and bitters. 
Stir the mixture then strain into a rocks glass filled with 2 shots of Bourbon. 
Garnish with a twist of lemon and barrels of cheer and friends. 

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