Monday, May 27, 2013

Blueberry Rosemary Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, you probably just found lemons.

When life hands you your best friend on a bus from Cleveland with wind pipes
stuffed to the brim with excited squeals and terrible windy city puns, you
had better make her some lemonade. 

I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend with my favorite person
under the sun on her 21st birthday.

Tradition has it that every year on this occasion, we celebrate 
with a picnic somewhere quiet
with fistfuls of dead dandelions to wish upon and
playful summer winds to combat our efforts to light birthday candles in
sweet confections. 

And it's always perfect. 

Life didn't hand me any lemons,
 so I had to go get some at the Jewel Osco. 
I'd sure have to have a lot of issues to earn enough lemons
to execute this recipe, so let's be happy for that. 

I'm a big fan of lemonade that makes you feel it. 
Not the sugar water you get out of the soda gun at Applebees 
or the ye' olde lemonade where they shake sugar water with
 a whispy piece of lemon at the county fair. 

I want my lips to purse and tingle and my tongue to worship my
creation as the lemonade dances across it on the way to my tummy. 

This lemonade does that to me. 

The hints of rosemary aren't overwhelming, but they bring a savory warmness
that dances well with the muddled blueberries. 

It's sweet, it's tangy, and we drank it with every meal for days. 

Grab your best friend by the arm and drag them out on a picnic with you. 
You'll feel delightful. 

And enjoy this playlist all the while.

Until the next, dears. 


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