Monday, May 13, 2013

Campfire Stick Bread

This weekend I followed my inner woodland creature all the way to
the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Being the weekend before finals, past Hattie 
thought that going on this camping trip would be a great way 
to take a load off before the stress rolled in. 

Present Hattie, who is stuck cramming her final assignments into, well, today
 thinks that past Hattie is a stupid idiot. 

We'll let them duke it out. 

In spite of the rain filled nights, and a few leaky tent/soggy socks situations,
it was a great time. 

Nobody got eaten by bears, no one died of dysentery, 
and we didn't have any altercations with the natives. 

That's pretty much as successful as you can get. 

In honor of this wilderness weekend, I present you with bread on a stick.

With the texture and flavor of a sweet biscuit, 
this stick bread dough is simple to make and easily cooked wrapped 
around a stick over a campfire flame. 

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