Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around the Neighborhood - Antique Taco

See that mural behind that hip pair of consumers?
It has the human brain segmented into sections titled things like
"pork" and "cilantro" and "antiques."

That, my friends, is the most anatomically correct drawing of my brain
that I have seen.
 To date.

And that, 
(in addition to the funky vibe and cotton candy machine posted up outside)
 is precisely why I decided to venture into this quality establishment. 

I was not let down. 
In fact, it just kept escalating. 
Like a Barney Stinson playlist with a ton of Bon Jovi on it.
All rise, no fall. 

There is not a damn inch of this place that wasn't beautifully designed. 
I went a little picture-crazy. 

Like, if I were a paparazzi sent to capture the new royal baby,
and I turned around and saw this restaurant, 
I'd definitely just be like "see ya later, George!"
and run over there to take pictures instead. 

Nobody hire me as a paparazzi. I will fail you. 
Unless it's a taco paparazzi. 

We shared their "taco salad" and "chicken tacos"

I'm putting parenthesis around these because they weren't quite these things.
Their menu is lovely and simplistic, however it's minimalism doesn't 
quite suit the content. 

If a menu says TACOS- pork, chicken, beef, yadda yadda
and nothing else, you're going to assume that you're in for some standard material.

Oh contraire. 

The chicken tacos were essentially Indian food tacos,
with curried chicken served with cucumbers, yogurt sauce, 
and pickled onions. 

Unbelievably delicious, but I would venture to say that 
they should be a bit more up front with what 
the phrase "chicken taco" means in this establishment.

The salad was marketed as a "taco salad"
but was actually a kale salad with a savory sesame vinaigrette, 
strawberries, spicy peanuts, craisins and queso fresco.

Again, totally delicious and unexpected, 
But no kind of "taco salad" I've ever heard of. 

Confusion aside, everything was delicious and refreshingly 

Paired with their subtle yet STRONG rosemary margaritas
and bountiful amounts of eclectic decor,
I was the smitten-est. 

Antique Taco is a cheap and local place to try out some interesting flavors.
It's located in the hipster heart of Wicker Park, right off of Milwaukee & Wood. 

*and their online menu lists menu items in full detail!*

Until the next, Babes!

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