Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

Days off are few and far between in the world of Hattie,
yet today is one of those glorious, glorious days.
A golden hammer that broke my 14-day-in-a-row working streak,
today is. 

And when it's a brisk 60 degree day in July one must compose 
their day off in a very specific manner. 

Step 1-
 Play a round or two of curse-at-the-garbage-truck-for-waking 
and follow that up with a quick rousing game of
"how old's the milk?"

Step 2-
Cartoonishly large stack of pancakes.

Step 3-
Acquire soft sweater-like things.

Step 4-
Flop around in them in the company of books and the hum
of your favorite record that you've listened to approximately 1.3 billion times
(much to the irritation of your roommates) 

Step 5- 
Waste the day sleeping on your book on accident. 

Good thing pancakes taste good cold, right?

It's as simple as it needs to be. 
Put all the goods in a bowl, whisk it around
butter up a skillet and fry away. 

And, as usual, here are some tunes to getchya by. 


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