Saturday, July 6, 2013

Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Fizz

Lately, we here at the house have been 
totally smitten with the Little Goat Diner.

A solid menu that explores the depths of diner food
dressed up with some extravagant ingredients and a bit of class
and a handsome amount of goat puns. 

Anyhow, as much as I'd love to stuff my royal belly with 
goat sloppy joes and fancy cocktails on the daily,
I'm a broke fi' broke college dumpling. 

And so I am left to resort to my own copycat devices 
to live that rockstar lifestyle without the commitment.

This cocktail knocked my figure-of-speech socks off 
when first we sipped.

But at $9 a pop, I put my "I should figure out how to make this myself..." 
hat on pretty damn quick. 

I must say, my copycat came out pretty dang close. 
Which is fortunate, because I wanted a second date with this beautiful
concoction of booze and other stuff I like. 

Ginger beer- good. always. all the time. 

Rhubarb/Strawberry union- totally summery and loveable.

Gin- obviously. 

We are all winners here. 

Slap a lid onto your mason jar and take this little guy 
to the beach. 

Close your eyes and let the crappy static drone of cellphone Pandora radio
whisk you off to half asleep land 
where you pretend like you're on an exotic vacation 
where there are palm trees and tourists in fanny packs behind you
instead of a big ole city.

Pretend like you're there forever and you don't have to do laundry later. 
The drink will taste best this way. 
I have that on good authority. 

And, as always, a tiny playlist of summer hums to 
enjoy with this booze and summer breeze. 

Until the next, babes.


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