Friday, March 8, 2013

Cucumber Blackberry Mojitos

*DISCLAIMER* your drink will be prettier than this. I shot this in the studio. I didn't bring my muddler to the studio and my pop was flat. Life is hard.*END DISCLAIMER*

Flipping my planner page over to March,
my heart did a little cartoonish balloon dance
where it swells up in big breaths and then pops and wheezes into a pile. 

So. much. happening. 

Inspite of this impending scheduled madness, 
there is a ridiculous amount of excitement brewing in me. 
From back to back weekends of wedding shoots to stacks of sketches for studio shoots, to planning nights with my growing list of nanny kids, good things are happening.

And I will be humming the 20-something anthem of "Work hard, play hard!" in my every action. 

Although, unlike many 20-somethings, my work hard consists of slinging children over my shoulder to save them from imaginary crocodiles swimming in the rug, and protecting the layer cake that i'm carrying to the studio in my purse, and my play hard consists of going to Medieval times and gorging myself on pancakes. 

And Mojitos. Lots of Mojitos. 

Mint. Cucumbers. Limes. Booze. These are soothing things. We need these in times like these. 

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