Monday, March 25, 2013

Smoked Sea Salt Caramel & Chocolate Porter Float

I come bearing bad news. 
My cactus plant has committed suicide. 
He fell right off of his spot on the shelf in the kitchen all by himself.
I tried moving his companion cactus in with a few succulents 
to keep her company in these hard times, 
but she must have been too torn apart from her loss, 
for she too has now passed. 

But in the dark passing of two near and dear cactus friends 
some light has entered the dark plant atmosphere 
that currently exists in my kitchen. 

Tiny sprouts have started to lift their tiny sprout heads from the soil
where I have planted seeds in attempts to start an herb garden. 
They are teeny bundles of joy. 
I have named them all my tinies. 
I talk to them in high pitched voices 
and remind them how adorable and small they are.
Tiny plants have a lot going on, I surely wouldn't want them to forget. 

So, in fond memory of cacti come and gone and celebration of 
these new tinies, I give you these
 Smoked Sea Salt Caramel & Chocolate Porter floats. 

What better menial occasion to celebrate with the 
merging of two of my favorite things,
beer and ice cream?

The smoked sea salt caramel sauce brings out the smokey roasted notes in the Porter 
and compliments the rich coffee and chocolate flavors. 
Paired with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, this float is the perfect way 
to make beer, well, dessert, which as always been a dream fo mine. 

For this float, I have chosen to use 
Edmund Fitzgerald by Great Lakes Brewery to represent my Cleveland-ness, 
but any chocolate porter or stout should come out on top. 
To represent my roomate's Colorado-ness, we also tried a vanilla porter
from Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado, 
which was inferior to the glory of the Edmund Fitzgerald, but still quite tasty.

Enjoy folks!

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