Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maple Bacon Mug Cake

Maple Bacon Mug Cake from Hattie Kotz on Vimeo.

7 years and one cheesecake ago, gold was struck.  
A sad friend was in the dumps, having recently been dumped by her high school boyfriend 
over the telephone. 

I, being shy and strange and awkward, extended consolation. 
In the ever-radient form of a Wonka Bar cheesecake, topped with 
Alanis Morrosette's head on a toothpick and words of girlpower and wisdom
ripped right out of a Spice Girls CD lyrics leaflet. 

This was the dawning of the best relationship both of us have ever been in. 
A best-friendship built to withstand harsh winds, the fiery depths of high school, 
tropical storms and copious amounts of teen angst.

7 years later, Mary and I are still going strong. 
Needless to say, this is the most successful rebound situation of all time. 
7 year itch, you say?
We still eat off each others plates. 
We still have synchronized taco cravings and 
appreciate each others abundant Full House references. 
We can still pick it back up like nothing has changed even if we haven't seen 
each other in months. 

Power couple, you say?
I say, yes. 

To make merry of our day together, we decided to fill my empty house with 
season 2 of GIRLS, bubbly breakfast beverages, blanket forts and
mugs full of maple bacon coffee cake. 

Perfect for those "Oh, they added a new Auschwitz documentary to Netflix?
 Good luck getting me to put pants on today!" kind of days,
this recipe is built for two..
or one person with two mugs...
or four people that particularly like sharing small portions of cake..

whichever strikes your fancy. 
I won't judge you. 

Here's a little flavor to keep your ears happy while you
 laze around with mugs of carbs and good friends.

Enjoy, lasses and lads!


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