Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Brunch

Spittin' a little lifestyle-blog action at you guys.
No recipe here today.
Sorry folks, some recipes are meant to be kept between
me and my ham.

You understand.

This was my second Easter away from my family
and our long-lived holiday traditions of eating and then waiting
around until it's time to eat more.

 Last year I was left alone with boxed wine, tulips that I cut from
the planters in the middle of the city streets, and a quiche.

While that may sound strangely appealing, it was mostly just a little pathetic.

This year, we decided to have a sort of lonely-hearts club brunch
for all of us celebration-less Easter celebrators in the city.

I put on my best homemaker apron and churned out whipped honey butter,
a brown sugar glazed ham, honey dijon garlic herb potatoes, and a tacky kool whip
covered fruit salad to end all tacky kool whip covered fruit salads.

The weather was surprisingly lovely, 
which turned our brunch into a back porch picnic.

Salty meats, spring breezes,
who could ask for anything more?

 It was a lovely little time, kids.
I hope your easters were > than most things.
I really mean it.
Pinky swear.

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